Influences: Odd Rods

A big-time influence on my particular brand of nerdy/dweebie artwork was several wonderful trading card/sticker gum pack series, starting with “Odder Rods” (about 1970)… I collected these feverishly, as I loved the cool monster/car renderings.  Just the beginning, I’ll shoot some more…

Odder Rods 06 Purple Mini _ web

Jalex copyright © 2001 roger carvey

Here’s another old funny head, drawn in 2001, vectorized/colorized in 2002, and I believe that I had it displayed on my old website.  Did some tweaks on it today, in Illustrator, and wanted to add it here.  I really like how I “went for it” color-wise, makes it really “pop.”  Reminds me of color choices I used to make way-back in college, for painting classes!  Hope you get a giggle out of it, and please feel free to leave a comment.

Retro Alien Goon

Retro Alien Goon copyright © 2013 roger carvey

I really don’t know what I was thinking, except to draw something… started with the googles/eyes, and just went from there.  After shaping his head, there was a definite “retro” angle, but then I put in those odd chompers — WTH?  So I’ve overdone it a bit, sure, but it was a fun diversion.  Goonie, cartoonie, oddball, and some garish comic book colors.

Still True…

copyright © 2000 roger carvey

Here’s a super-oldie — I believe that I scratched out this little funny head in a senior-year notebook margin (1980), then scanned it (1999), and using it in Illustrator for the resulting vector artwork, and sent it out, via e-mail, to several people, shortly after the new year (2000).  I wish I hadn’t colorized him with a “Hulkish” scheme, I didn’t want to make that connection… Still makes me smile.


Klazz   copyright © 2013 roger carvey

Klazz copyright © 2013 roger carvey


copyright © 2013 roger carvey

Hey!! Man

I Don’t Have To Explain To You…

I Don't Have To Explain To You...

RoBo BoBo

Here’s a package label that originated from a tiny, quick, throwaway sketch of a robot head.  Adding unregistered, garish coloring and grungy fax-dirt in Adobe Photoshop, and designing the “RoBo BoBo” Logo in Adobe Illustrator, this artwork sat on a dark hard drive until I noticed it again last night – – I added the “Firecracker” band, and it’s time to shelve it again.  But Thanks for taking a peek at it!



Title: Septon Minister

So, I had the need to paint tonight, and sizing up an old 5×4 sketch from 2009, and placing it on a light table (CHEATER!), I proceeded to scrub some acrylic washes, mindful of the linework visible from behind… After a quick blow-dry, again to the light table for the rough black linework (big ol’ Chisel-Tip Sharpie).  All the extra vibratory scribbling was done in an artistic fugue-state (“a disturbed state of consciousness in which the one affected seems to perform acts in full awareness but upon recovery cannot recollect the acts performed” – Thank you, Merriam-Webster), during the calmness of sitting on my couch.  Results: 10.5″ x 9″, and I still need to color the blood-red pupils, and the golden chin-clasp.